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SQLines provides open source tools and services to help you transfer data, convert database schema (DDL), views, stored procedures, functions, triggers, queries and SQL scripts from Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Redshift. We also help convert embedded SQL statements in C/C++ (ODBC, ESQL/C, DBLIB), C#, Java,

Back in 2016, when Microsoft announced that SQL Server would soon run on Linux, the news came as a major surprise to users and pundits alike. Over the course of the last year, Microsoft’s support for Linux (and open source in general),

Collection of SQL Server blogs with information on optimization, trouble-shooting, as well as info on upcoming events in the SQL Server community.

Mar 31, 2017. Looking for a free or very low-cost way to host your SQL Server databases in the cloud? If Microsoft's SQL Azure service is too expensive for your needs, you may wish to consider hosting your database in Amazon Web Services. This platform leverages the massive technology infrastructure of

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Bonus: AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. Tools like AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure make it possible to setup a server in minutes from.

Feb 9, 2015. CPM offers an advantage on top of Amazon services, making backup administrators' lives easier. CPM has many features that make it a suitable option for backing up AWS cloud-hosted MSSQL servers. Along with its flexible backup policies, CPM retries when failures occur. It can also copy EBS volumes to.

Powerful SSIS Source & Destination Components that allows you to easily connect SQL Server with live Amazon Redshift through SSIS Workflows.Use the Amazon Redshift Data Flow Components to synchronize with Amazon Redshift data. Perfect for data synchronization, local back-ups, workflow automation, and more!

While Server products and Cloud services revenue grew in mid-single digits, driven by growth in Microsoft SQL Server, adoption of the cloud. While Azure was launched later than Amazon’s AWS, it is gradually catching up and its.

SSMS is an integrated environment for managing any SQL infrastructure, from SQL Server to SQL Database. SSMS provides tools to configure, monitor, and administer.

Detailed side-by-side view of Amazon Aurora and Microsoft SQL Server.

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There’s a new e-book available to download free from Microsoft Academy: Data Science with Microsoft SQL Server 2016. This 90-page e-book is aimed at data scientists.

Jul 27, 2015. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a large, sometimes bewildering array of compute, storage, networking and analytics cloud offerings, as seen here. One of their storage products is Amazon Glacier, in addition to the older storage solutions – S3 and Elastic Block Store (EBS).Glacier is a very affordable.

Nov 20, 2016. The original release of RDS had no ability to create a native database backup or to restore from a backup (i.e. a.bak file). This was a major restriction as it meant that a database could only be moved in or out of RDS by scripting it up using tools such as the SQL Server Import Export Wizard. This all changed.

The first public cloud option for Nutanix was the ability to send backups to Amazon Web Services (AWS. VM and even some applications on physical servers, such as Microsoft SQL Server. Although HCI cloud data backup is usually.

Connecting to a DB Instance Running the Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine. After Amazon RDS provisions your DB instance, you can use any.

News R and Python bring new look to SQL Server. Python and R are among the tools in the SQL Server machine learning toolkit. Native T-SQL scoring is also on the.

Built on the SolarWinds integrated Orion® Platform, users gain seamless "one.

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At Microsoft, her role was to market the SQL server to a mum, and while at.

Valuable SQL Server resources to solve real world problems for DBAs, Developers and BI Pros – all for free. From SQL Server tips to videos, we can help you.

Nov 22, 2016. RDS. RDS (Relational Database Service) is Amazon's SQL Server as a service solution, much like Microsoft Azure DB. In fact, it is more generic, you can choose which database engine to implement RDS with, including Oracle, MSSQL and more: Engines. Since you are using a service, not an actual server,

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The new Microsoft has placed an increased importance on the cloud, and with other companies following suit, reliance on server solutions has increased. Today the company announces that it is bringing SQL Server to Linux. Both cloud.

Brent Ozar Unlimited’s specialized experts focus on your goals, diagnose your tough database pains, and make Microsoft SQL Server faster and more reliable.

Oct 13, 2017. AWS is proud to announce that it has launched Microsoft SQL Server 2017. You may now launch Amazon EC2 instances on Windows Server 2016 with SQL Server.

Windows Server and SQL Server have been huge platforms for those enterprises. Meanwhile, the Google assistant works everywhere, Siri is being rubbished.

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After Cyber Monday, Amazon Web Services techies headed for re. Python and R are among the tools in the SQL Server machine learning toolkit. Native T-SQL scoring is also on the agenda, as. Salesforce executives at.

Microsoft SQL backup software for Amazon S3. Free download!

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SQL Server 2017 is now available for Amazon EC2 instances running Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.4 as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from the AWS Marketplace. With.

Platform support is a high point, too. The core operations of Windows Server 2016 are all fully supported, as are Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure, and you can.

These specialisations include key enterprise applications such as SQL Server (in.

I executed the task Take offline of a SQL Server 2008 R2 database. I cant bring it online! I tried with USE master; GO ALTER DATABASE [DBNAME] SET ONLINE I get an.

Microsoft SQL Server Failover Clusters The options for high availability can get confusing, and we bet you’re having a hard time finding simple information on what.

SQL Server 2016 brings native support to advanced analytics in the database itself, using R Services. Learn what R is, what the on-premise advanced analytics options.

Information about Microsoft SQL Server on AWS, including all of the versions available, customer examples, and developer resources.

Xplenty's data integration platform makes it easy for you to integrate Amazon Kinesis Firehose with Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL) to process your data, no coding required.

Amazon Relational Database Service (or Amazon RDS) is a distributed relational database service by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is a web service running "in the cloud" designed to simplify the setup, operation, and scaling of a relational database for use in applications. Complex administration processes like patching.

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May 23, 2012. Recently, I went over how to setup SQL Server on Amazon RDS from within Visual Studio. In that article, I noted that there are differences between SQL Azure and SQL Server on Amazon RDS and that we needed more work to thoroughly investigate any limitations of SQL Server on RDS. I specifically called.

Straightforward examples and SQL code to work with pivot tables in PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, BigQuery and MS SQL Server

May 17, 2017  · Dear all, I am very pleased to announce that the Linux version SSIS is available in CTP 2.1. Since March 2016 Microsoft announced that SQL Server plan to.

Feb 3, 2014. Amazon SQL Server RDS Instance doesn't support to restore data from.bak files. So using this article I am writing to how to migrate your SQL server database to Amazon RDS instanace with easy steps. If you looks on AWS migration steps its too complicated, But windows Azure migration wizard tools.