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The last time I checked, a drug kingpin overlord supreme was wearing a Spurs tee shirt when he was arrested, recently, and now the Spurs help to acknowledge his arrest by playing an exhibition in his narco-state. Mr. Stern, what is the.

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Meet Broly. He’s allegedly a member of the Knights Templar Cartel. Maybe make that "was." He might have been killed or captured. But one thing for sure, this guy sure snapped lots of selfies. Then, there are the alleged Mexican drug runners.

And, admittedly, this “narco blog” phenomenon in Mexico has an appalling body-count. There are even hideous videos on display of torture, maiming and death. Yes, snuff is here. However, the message behind the obvious nastiness on.

Curators Harry Ortiz Liflan and Emelda Gutierrez selected the artists in Narcolandia because each of them has an individual connection to the issue of narco-fuelled violence, and collectively, they provide the catalyst for a highly.

Rios is one of a number of Mexicans applying technology in different ways to combat narco violence and insecurity in their country. TechCrunch spoke to Rios, as well as data scientist Diego Valle-Jones and the co-founders of a.

In the video game, according to a synopsis, a Mexican drug cartel controls Bolivia and has turned it into a violent, anarchic narco-state. Bolivia is the world’s third-largest producer of coca leaves, used to manufacture cocaine, behind.

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Last year, VBS TV produced this documentary, which includes video of a number of captured semisubmersibles. Jay Bergman, the D.E.A.’s Andean director, said in a statement: “The advent of the narco-submarine presents new.

But, how about this: I think he’s a better quarterback for this Cowboys team now than Tony Romo would be.

Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar, 29, was among the half-dozen kidnapped at the restaurant by the group’s rival, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, a fact El Chapo learned Wednesday, El Blog del Narco reported. The cartel leader’s attorneys.

The taunting pics, posted on Spanish-language site El Blog del Narco, come just two days after Guzman’s Saturday night escape from his cell in a maximum security Mexican prison. The 58-year-old Sinaloa cartel chief fled through a mile.

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They’re called "narco-subs," and over the last two decades. The U.S. Coast Guard released video of the capture, below. But for every submarine that gets caught, at least two are getting through, Guerrero tells Day 6 host Brent Bambury.

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I think a show like ‘Narcos,’ which is a show about the birth of the narco trafficking… It’s proof, the war, the drug war is a big flop.” Pedro Pascal commented that all of it is “Almost stranger than fiction, as soon as you see something you.

Police raided the party on Friday at a country house near Medellin where they arrested Mesa, alias Tom, who was celebrating his 50th birthday in almost stereotypical narco form: surrounded by armed bodyguards, young women,

Queen of the South (10 p.m., USA) – Old enemies and old flames threaten to tear everything apart when Teresa and the crew rig a high-stakes narco horse race.

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